PrestaShop modules

There are PrestaShop modules for your online store which are suitable for PrestaShop 1.7.
Developed and monitored by us according to the PrestaShop guidelines.

Why are there modules

The expandability of PrestaShop revolves around modules, which are small pieces of software. By adding it as a module to PrestaShop, a webshop can become more user-friendly and easier to manage for the merchant.

Modules by Tajriba

We have been a PrestaShop partner since 2017 and we also make custom modules for your store. We would like to share the modules we have made ourselves on this page. You can buy the modules online. After purchase, the installation of the module is free of charge by us.

Have your own module made

It may be that a solution has not been found in the range of modules for a specific additional function. Our developers like to create a custom module. This creates a robust solution and we think along with the right solution.

Advice for the right module

Are you unsure about a PrestaShop module for your online store? Thanks to our years of experience, we know how to advise the right modules. We offer a number of standard modules at relatively low costs.


Stefan Dijkstra - PrestaShop developer

Interested in a module or questions about a custom module? Our team is at your service.
u can also directly view the modules here.

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