Tajriba Point Of Sale for PrestaShop

Simplicity is central to the Tajriba cash register. The application works fast and easy.

The PrestaShop point of sale system works together with the PrestaShop store and physical store.
Stocks are updated in real time and customers are easy to serve.

Works together with the online store

We supply cash register software for a monthly fee. We link the Tajriba cash register to the PrestaShop online store.

Easy to use

Our POS has been developed with feedback and experience from retailers worldwide. It works on tablet, laptop and desktop.

Convenient inventory management

You can easily see the stock and has always up-to-date inventory in the PrestaShop online store and in your physical store.

Easily sell

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    Great online cash register for PrestaShop.

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    Easily search and scan products with EAN barcodes.

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    The stock for your products is always live and correctly synced.

Easy stock management

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    The stock between the online store and the physical store is synchronized.

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    Returns can be made directly within the Point of Sale.

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    Stock management with print barcode function.

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    Support for multiple magazines (optional).

Maurice from Optiteam

""I've been working with Tajriba for 10 years and have had the cash register for 6 years now, I'm very satisfied with their excellent service."

Job: Owner and seller
Online store: www.optiteam.be
User since: 2014

Works with Prestashop

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    Made with the latest techniques and works well with PrestaShop stores.

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    At the end of the day, print an overview of the turnover and transactions per day, week or month.

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    Translated into French, German, English, Spanish, Italian, Polish. Works with other currencies and multiple VAT rates.

The hardware

The Tajriba Point of Sale works with a computer, laptop, Macbook, tablet or iMac. The cash register depends on a normal internet connection. It may be that you already have the hardware, we will then see what can be used. Need new equipment? We can help you with that! No online store but you need our POS solution? The Tajriba cash register also works as a separate POS system.


Know your customers

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    Place an order in the name of the customer. You can also complete the order without a customer account.

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    Customers are directly in the checkout and the online store. For example after the purchache the customer can also order online!

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    Better advise customers by viewing purchase history.


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    Sell gift cards directly from the POS**

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    Use a giftcard as a payment method for a sale.

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    Giftcards can be used online and in store!

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    Using ready-made preprinted giftcards.

Packages and prices

Package 2

  • 1 POS with PrestaShop connection
  • Suitable for the self-employed
  • Access for 5 staff members
  • Inventory and return management
  • Unlimited transactions and products
  • Remote installation not included
  • Online video instructions
  • Free updates in the cloud
  • Help during weekends and evenings
  • Extra custom made options


For the PRO Point Of Sale

+ €59 per month for updates and support

Order now

All prices are exclusive of VAT and without hardware. In consultation it is possible to supply the hardware. ** The giftcard functions can be actived as extra addition for 299€.

Check all the features


The POS system is protected with a log-in. Multiple employees can log in, it is also possible to restrict logging in on updating inventory. The name of the logged-in employee is shown on the receipt.


The products and categories of data comes from the online store environment. All data is linked in real time.


With a sale you can give a total discount in percentages or euros. It is also possible to give a discount per product line. There is also support for discounted products (price reductions or influence on the price of the combinations.


Once the products have been scanned you can choose a payment method. Such as Card, cash, on invoice, Creditcard, voucher, split payment and gift voucher).

Smart search

In the cash register you will find a smart search function in every screen. This way you can search for customers by name, zip code, address and company name. You can search for products by name, reference, combination reference or EAN13 barcode. Orders can be found by customer name, date, order number or company name.


Customer Management, here you can add new customers and select and change existing ones. This way you can make a sale in the name of the customer.


Order history: You can find all orders placed by customers here and print the receipt again afterwards. Returning and exchanging: Easily return a complete order or a specific product. The stock is then increased again.

Inventory management

Easily manage inventories by increasing or decreasing products and printing the product labels with product name, reference, price and barcode.


Selling through the cash register from warehouse A and online store selling from warehouse A and B is a possibility. We use an additional module for this.


The system supports various languages and currencies and VAT rates. You can also place a 0% sales tax (intra-Community delivery).

Add a new product

As soon as you have received a product, you can quickly add and sell it via this function. You complete the product information at a later time.


The sales, VAT and payment methods of the physical store sales can be viewed and exported as CSV via the statistics in the online store backoffice.

Settings en shortcut keys

In the settings screen you can turn various options on and off, edit the texts on the receipt and set up printers. Shortcuts in the register are: ESC (close a screen) and the TAB key.

Employee Permission

Optimize your security policies and minimize unintended errors by defining permissions for each staff to access or adjust features based on their roles.

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