Tailor-made web applications

We develop online web software for companies. Handy to use and deployable at any location.
Scalable solutions to improve internal and external business processes.

Online solutions

Whether it concerns the solution to an automation problem or the realization of an innovative concept, Tajriba is the ideal partner. We build different web applications, based on your demands. After delivery we can measure and analyze the usage in order to further optimize. Eventually, we don’t just build any old application, but a well-functioning app! Solving problems that stem from inefficient processes or outdated software.

Dashboard and portals

Dashboards and portals made to measure with online functions and tools for your company in 1 system. We take care of the design and technical development for the web application. Company data and applications from different sources are automatically loaded in 1 central environment.

Our method

1. Listening and Strategy

We will discuss the wishes and assignment together. Listening to and researching what the users of your web app will really use and expect. Less is more. We aim for the long term and remain involved after delivering the project.

2. Inspiration

Inspiration and idea collection. Researching the possibilities. Looking for inspiration in the Apple App Store often presents useful information. Of course, a lot of web applications are custom-made, but taking a good look at existing applications is never wasted effort.

3. Sketching

Various sketches, also known as wire-frames, are made. This quickly provides a layout for the application. Prototypes are tested with actual users before the technical development starts.

4. Designing and developing

The wireframes are translated into an app interface/layout with colors and illustrations. There are moments for feedback and testing in order to jointly come to the desired result.

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