Have your online store renewed

Renewing an existing online store can be done with a redesign. Depending on the areas for improvement, we look at the options together with you.

Keep renewing

Previously the approach for a online store was more project based, nowadays we see it more as a continuous process. For example, compare it to an old-timer, to keep it nice, it needs to be cleaned every day. When redesigning a website, we look thoroughly at the current structure and components, appearance, operation and online visibility. After this investigation we can tell where the improvements are.

Tips for a redesign

1. Ensure a clear structure and layout.
2. Focus on the target group and ease of use.
3. Map current functions, so you will not be confronted with surprises.
4. Provide suitable and new visual material.
5. Consider the other devices such as smartphone and tablet.

Example from practice

The online store egawen.nl had a basic appearance and potential to grow. Together with our client we have created a new unique design, improved the user-friendliness and optimized the parts that the target group uses. Below you see two screenshots to see the renewal from old to new.

Webshop laten vernieuwenRedesign webshop

Redesign of a online store

Stefan Dijkstra - PrestaShop developer

An average online store lasts an average of 2 to 3 years. Time for a redesign?
Our graphic designer Jonnie is happy to help and gives free advice.

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